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What's the difference between DINK Realty and other real estate agencies?

The only difference between DINK Realty and other "traditional" full-priced real estate agencies is that we don't charge the high commission rates that most others do! With DINK Realty you'll get the same full service without the inflated commissions. There aren't any types of services that other companies offer that we don't or can't offer you. With DINK Realty you'll get the best of both worlds - low commission rates with full service REALTOR® representation from listing, to contract, to closing.

Does DINK Realty provide full service or limited service?

DINK Realty only offers and provides full service real estate brokerage just like you'd find with any other "traditional" full-priced real estate agency. Some "flat fee" or "discount commission" companies only give you limited service, or offer full service at an additional cost, but with DINK Realty you'll get full service with any of our listing plans!

What is the total commission I will pay to sell my house?

2.4% Seller > Buyer Plan - If you're buying a home, we'll list the house you're selling for a TOTAL commission of 2.4%. With this unique plan, the agent who sells your house will earn the entire 2.4% commission. DINK Realty will then make our commission from the purchase of your new home, so essentially, if another agent brings the Buyer on the sale of your house, we'll end up doing your listing for FREE, you'll simply pay the 2.4% Buyer's Agent (Selling Agent) Commission. 2.9% Flat Fee MLS - If you're not buying a house, you can use our 2.9% Flat Fee MLS plan. With this option you'll pay an upfront flat fee of $429, then 2.9% TOTAL commission at closing when your house sells. The Buyer's Agent (or Selling Agent) will earn 2.4% of the 2.9% commission; DINK Realty will earn the remaining 0.3% commission. 3.4% Standard Listing - If you'd rather not pay a flat fee, and you're not buying a home, you can use our 3.4% Standard Listing. With this plan you won't be charged a flat fee and you'll pay 3.4% TOTAL commission at closing.

Is the Buyer's Agent commission included in my total commission?

Yes! The standard Buyer's Agent commission of 2.4% in the Wake County area is included in your total commission with all the plans we offer! Even our 2.4% Seller > Buyer Plan includes a 2.4% to the Buyer's Agent (or Selling Agent). With our unique full service 2.4% Seller > Buyer plan, we won't make a dime on the house you're selling if another agent sells your house, we make our commission on the home you purchase. If you're not purchasing a home and would like to use our 2.9% Flat Fee MLS plan our our 3.4% Standard Listing, the traditional 2.4% Buyer's Agent commission is included in your total commission of 2.9% or 3.4%, depending on the plan you choose.

Are there be any other fees such as transaction fees or administrative fees?

No! DINK Realty doesn't charge any other fees such as transaction fees, closing fees, or administrative fees. Believe it or not, some "traditional" full-priced real estate agencies will charge you a 6% commission and then they'll add on an additional "transaction fee" at closing. With DINK Realty you'll never see any of these fees added to your commission. In addition to not charging you any other fees, our 2.4% Seller > Buyer Plan and 3.4% Standard Listing plan don't require an upfront fee like other "discount commission" or "flat fee" companies, only our 2.9% Flat Fee MLS plan requires an upfront flat fee ($429). But regardless of which plan you choose, after your listing agreement has been signed, you'll never be charged any additional fees by DINK Realty apart from your total commission.

How is DINK Realty able to offer such low commission rates?

At DINK Realty, we have a different business philosophy than most companies. We believe that business breeds business and that by offering unique discounted commission programs, we are likely to attract more clients, more leads, more referrals and more repeat clients. We don’t focus on making a big commission on your listing like traditional companies do, we look at what earning a small commission could turn into in terms of future business opportunities. Since we operate on lower commission rates and rely on referrals and repeat business, we must also adhere to a high level of client satisfaction in order to earn those referrals and repeat clients! In addition to our different business philosophy, at DINK Realty we strive to keep our operating expenses much lower than conventional full-priced real estate firms. We operate exclusively from home office locations, thus we don’t incur the enormous overhead costs of large and elaborate offices. This enables us to keep our costs down, your commissions low, and YOUR equity high!

Do you accept Visa & MasterCard for your Flat Free MLS program?

Yes. If you choose to list your house with us using our 2.9% Flat Fee MLS program, you can pay your flat fee with most major credit cards using PayPal link that we will provide to you. If you’d like more information on PayPal or paying your flat fee using a credit card, please contact us. Keep in mind that our 2.4% Buyer-Seller Plan and our 3.4% Standard Listing do not require a flat fee!

How long will it take for my house to appear on the Triangle MLS?

Depending on the time of day of your listing appointment, your house is typically listed on the MLS by the same day or next day. Your listing on® generally takes an additional day to update from the MLS information. You can usually expect to have your listing on the Triangle MLS within 24 hours, and your® listing within 48 hours. Some of the other internet sites may take approximately 72 hours to be updated with your listing, but others may be faster to update.

Will my house be listed on®?

Yes! Not only will your house be listed on®, but we've invested in their enhanced showcase listing. Our® showcase listing gives us the ability to provide you up to 25 photos of your house as well as the flexibility to write a custom narrative describing in detail the selling points of your property! We’ll also include directions so that interested buyers can easily find your neighborhood and do a "drive-by" so that they can determine if your house is a home that might fit their needs. Our® showcase listings are displayed in a larger more prominent search results window framed with a highlighted border drawing more attention to your listing! Without the® showcase enhancement, all you’d get with the basic® listing is one picture and computerized "fill in the blank" text which doesn't adequately describe your house. You could list your house with a "traditional" full priced real estate agency, pay them 6.0% commission, and not get the added features that we offer!

On what additional web sites will by house be advertised?

When you list your house with DINK Realty, your house is advertised on virtually every web site where homes can be found. Through a service called ListHub, your listing is distributed to many well known real estates sites such as Zillow, Trulia,, Yahoo Real Estate, AOL Real Estate, and many more. We also include IDX list sharing service which displays your listing on every real estate company and/or agent's web sites who are using the IDX list share service. When you list with us, your home will be seen virtually everywhere that buyers are searching.

How many photos do you provide for the MLS and®?

We provide up to 25 photos on the Triangle MLS and up to 25 pictures on®. We also pride ourselves on being very diligent in taking high quality photographs of your listing. Too many times, agents don’t take care in providing their clients with good photographs. The difference between good pictures of your house and poor photos can be enormous. We’ll edit your pictures to adjust for lighting, crop them to enhance the image, and retake any pictures that need to be shot over to get the best possible photos.

Do you provide a For Sale sign and a lock box?

Yes, a professional For Sale sign is provided to you for the duration of your listing agreement. We also provide a lock box so that agents can gain access to your house for showings during the listing period when they set up appointments through Centralized Showing Service.

Will I receive flyers to market my house?

Yes. We provide professional flyers to you as an additional way to market of your house. We will initially print 100 flyers to go in an outside flyer box that we provide, and we’ll supply you with color flyers for the inside of the home. We’ll also e-mail you a PDF file of the flyer so that you can quickly print copies of the flyer should the flyer box run empty. Whenever you need more flyers, you can print your own copies from the PDF file or you can contact us and we’ll provide additional copies, free of charge.

Can you provide a virtual tour or slideshow of my house?

Yes. Although we do not include virtual tours and slideshows as a part of our service, there are a number of vendors we can refer you to create a virtual tour or slideshow of your house. We can upload the virtual tour or slideshow to your MLS listing so that buyers can see your home in enhanced detail. Please see our Resource Directory for a list of virtual tour vendors or contact us if you have any questions about the virtual tours we’re able to offer.

Do you use Centralized Showing Service to schedule showing appointments?

Yes. The Triangle MLS has contracted with Centralized Showing Service to schedule all your Realtor® showing appointments, so just like nearly all real estate companies in the Triangle area, we use Centralized Showing Service to schedule your showings. With Centralized Showing Service you will receive telephone, text and/or e-mail notification of your showing appointments, and you’ll receive agent/buyer showing feedback via e-mail.

How will I be notified when a REALTOR® wants to show my house?

Centralized Showing Service can contact you by telephone, text or e-mail when an agent wants to show your house. If you have your appointments set up as an "appointment required", Centralized Showing Service will need to receive confirmation from you before confirming the showing appointment and giving the showing agent access to your house. If you have your appointments set up as a "courtesy call", Centralized Showing Service will attempt to contact you; if they are unsuccessful in reaching you, they will leave you a message and give the showing agent the access information to show your property. At no time is an agent permitted to show your house or gain access to your home without scheduling an appointment through Centralized Showing Service.

Do you provide feedback from REALTORS® who show my house?

Yes! Once a REALTOR® schedules an appointment through Centralized Showing Service to show your house, the showing Realtor® will be sent an automatic e-mail requesting feedback from the showing. As soon as the showing Realtor® responds to this request for feedback, those comments will automatically be entered into the Centralized Showing Service web site and we'll have the system set up so that you will receive an e-mail with this feedback information. You’ll be given your own personal log-in information to the Centralized Showing Service web site so that you can view the feedback and see a record of all your showings. Only you and your DINK Realty agent can see these comments; other Realtors and buyers will not have access to the feedback that’s been provided on your house.

Will DINK Realty show and sell my house along with other REALTORS®?

Of course! We will work as diligently as any other Realtor® to show and sell your house! If we’re fortunate enough to find the buyer for your house we’ll earn the Buyer’s Agent side of the commission split so we have a great deal of incentive to show and sell your property too!

Will I have to show the house myself?

No. With DINK Realty you’ll receive full service real estate just like you’d find with any other real estate agency. There is no need for you to conduct your own showings of your house. Realtors® working with prospective buyers will handle all of your showings. You can, however, show the house yourself if you choose to use our optional For Sale by Owner program. With this option you can show your house to your own prospective buyers that you’re able to find through your own marketing efforts, thus enabling you to save the entire commission if you sell your house yourself! All other showings to prospective buyers working with real estate agents will be handled by the Buyer’s Agents.

Does DINK Realty hold Open Houses?

Not often. The reason we don't often hold Open Houses is because they aren't a very successful and proven way to sell a house. Your house could sell during an Open House, but it's not likely. Open Houses were popular a long time ago when there just weren't as many ways to make it known that your house was on the market. Now, with the internet, it's so much easier for Buyers to find available homes. Open Houses are generally a better way for the Realtor® who is holding the Open House to find prospective new Buyers and Sellers than it is to sell the house that's being held open, and that's one reason why Realtors® hold them. Another reason to hold an Open House is to justify the higher commission rates that some real estate agents charge. If the agent can show that he/she is doing something to try to sell the house, Sellers are sometimes pacified by this action. History proves though that Open Houses have not been shown to be a reliable way to sell a house.

Can I market and sell my house For Sale by Owner?

No. With DINK Realty you’ll receive full service real estate just like you’d find with any other real estate agency. There is Yes. In addition to your listing in the Triangle MLS,®, and hundreds of other web sites, if you’d like to reserve the option to market your house For Sale by Owner (FSBO) you can! If you find your own buyer, you won’t have to pay any commission! Most real estate agencies won’t allow you to sell your house FSBO and will require you to sign an Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement. With DINK Realty, we leave this option open to you. We believe that a real estate commission should only be paid if a real estate agent brings you a qualified buyer, but if you sell your house yourself without the help of a Realtor®, we don't think you should have to pay a commission!

How long is the term of your listing contract?

Typically our listing contracts are for a 6 month period although we always allow our clients the option to withdraw from our listing agreement if there’s a reason that you’re not satisfied with the service you’re receiving (as long as a contract for sale with a Buyer has not been signed). If you’d like to sign a listing agreement for a period of time that is shorter than 6 months we will permit you to do so. We are committed to earning your business, so if signing a shorter listing agreement is what it takes to prove our system to you, we’ll certainly offer that to you as well.

If my house doesn't sell during the listing period, do you charge a fee to re-list the house?

No. If you’re listing reaches the expiration date or if you withdrawn the listing for any reason and you’d like to extend your listing or re-list your property at a later date, we won’t charge you any extra fees to re-list your house. With our 2.4% Buyer-Seller Plan and 3.3% Standard Listing there are no listing fees to begin with. With our 2.7% Flat Fee Program the $429 flat fee that you pay is good until your house sells, no matter when it sells!

Can I use DINK Realty to purchase a home?

Yes, and we hope you do! DINK Realty offers both Buyer and Seller Realtor® representation. If you’re interested in buying a home, please contact us for further details on why it’s vitally important that you have an agent working for you, with your best interests in mind. Buyer representation is free of charge as our commission is always paid by the Seller. When you work with DINK Realty to purchase a home, we’ll set up you up with your own personal web site (called a Prospect Gateway) which is updated daily with the newest information that specifically matches your search criteria. Your Prospect Gateway web site is automatically updated and makes it easy for you to keep track of the homes that interest you the most, thus you’ll eliminate the need to continually search other web sites for the newest home listings. You’ll be able to view complete MLS information with multiple photos, place homes in categories such as favorites or possibilities, map properties, and make notes on specific homes.

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